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Tea Infused Wine Recipe

Impress yourself and your friends with this *fancy* yet simple recipe combining two incredible flavors.

Essentially you are cold brewing tea in wine. The slow process of extracting the floral notes of the tea in cold temperatures in the refrigerator permits the sweetness of the leaves to sweep you off your feet. My favorite combination is a dry white wine like Sauvignon Blanc contrasted with an earthy, floral oolong tea like Esteas Duck Shit Oolong. But the choice is yours! Experiment and explore!

This has been my go-to happy hour drink in quarantine. I pour a glass of this to add a little spunk finishing up my last few emails around 4pm. Do be cautious that there is a small amount of caffeine in this beverage so don't drink this too late in the night if you are caffeine sensitive. I'm notorious for throwing solo weekend dance parties in my living room and this drink helps set the tone.


1 Bottle of White Wine

2 Tablespoons of Esteas Oolong

Tea Tools:

Pitcher with lid



1. Add 2 tablespoons of tea into pitcher

2. Add bottle of wine into pitcher. Enclose with lid or makeshift lid.

3. Place in refrigerator overnight or 8-12 hours.

4. The next day, filter out wine from tea leaves

5. Sip and enjoy! You may pour back into wine bottle to store.