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Who Discovered Tea?

Do you ever wonder who and why someone thought to boil water with leaves and was bold enough to drink it?

The Chinese tell this story: About 5,000 years ago, Chinese emperor Shen Nong discovered tea while he was meditating in his garden. A leaf from a nearby bush fell into his boiling water. Intrigued, Shen Nong drank the liquid and loved the way it helped cleared his mind and nourished his body.

In Indian history, the discovery of tea was attributed to Bodhidharma, who was accredited for spreading Buddhism to China in the year 520. After falling asleep during his vow to stay awake while meditating for nine years, Bodhidharma distraughtly cut off his eyelids and threw them to the ground. A tea plant sprung up where his eyelids fell.

Whichever story you choose to believe, we can collectively be grateful for this beverage with natural (non-crashing) caffeine and antioxidants! Try Esteas!