15% of all proceeds in June will be donated to UrbanGrowersCollective.org

My Story

As a first generation Chinese-American, it has always been important to me to connect with my culture. I was able to find that connection to my Chaozhou (Chinese: 潮州) heritage and family through tea. My fondest memories with my grandparents were sitting around our family room table, drinking Gong Fu tea. What began as “tea parties” with my family quickly became a lifestyle and passion for me.

Esteas directly sources the highest quality, ethically-grown tea leaves from small family farmers in China. Cutting out the middle-men, customers save on tea prices and family farmers are able to earn a higher income. All our teas are hand picked once a year in the spring. Each family has a specialized method, passed down from generations, to process the tea leaves once picked.

It is important to me to promote their local communities. These small family farmers lack an access point to sell their tea globally. The majority of tea leaf pickers are women. Your support provides more jobs for women in local communities. As someone who is trilingual and connected to the Chinese-American market, I am proud and honored to introduce Americans to authentic Chinese tea!

Thank you so much for your support!