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Duck Shit Oolong
Duck Shit Oolong
Duck Shit Oolong

Duck Shit Oolong

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Don't be intimidated by the name, there's nothing shitty about this tea.

Duck Shit Oolong (Chinese: yā shǐ xiāng 鸭屎香) is the most notable oolong from the Phoenix Mountains. Legend says the locals wanted to keep this delicious tea to themselves so they devised an unconventional name - derived from the yellow tint of the soil it's grown in, a key element in the tea's exceptional taste - to deter others from picking it.


Producers ➺ Wei Family

Variety ➺ Dan Cong (Single Bush) Oolong

Location ➺ Phoenix Mountain, Guangdong

Elevation ➺ 650m

Date of Picking ➺ April 2019

Tasting Notes

Floral, Orchid, Longan, Honey, Pear, Sweet with Slight Astringency, Almond, Smooth, Refreshing


50 grams

20 servings ($1.25 per serving)

Each serving (2.5g) can be steeped multiple times over a day, depending on your brewing style.

Brewing Instructions

Sample Pack

Intrigued but not 100% sure you want to commit to a full tin yet? Order a sample pack!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sooooooo good

I love love this tea! It has a great origin story. It's so tasty. I drank alot of it when I was sick and it helped nurse me back to health.

This Sh*t is great!

Very tasty and a great way to start the day. Plus... who doesn’t like to start the day with a little laugh. Duck Sh*t Oolong is low on acid, easy on the teeth and my new favorite loose leaf tea!

Great Tea

I love the taste of Duck Shit Oolong tea, i originally love oolong tea but this brand's taste is much sweeter and its aroma~! Thanks!

My favorite new ritual

I am loving this tea. I have a cup of this or the yellow gardenia oolong every evening after work and I always make a mason jar of cold brew before I go to bed so it’s ready in the morning. I love starting and ending my day with these teas.